Passed Along Without Comment


Comments I considered making:

Reason #538 why this is not a family-friendly blog.

How else is a man supposed to see if a cock will fit in his coop?

A real man always makes sure his tools hang right where he can grab them.

Ha, my readers tickle me.

26 thoughts on “Passed Along Without Comment

  1. Hello, new screen saver.

    The best part is how it keeps popping up in different places on my screen like a lascivious fandango.

  2. [singsong]

    I can see your cellllll phonnnnneee!


    (I know, I know, it could be a wallet too. But mine’s funnier, so there.)

  3. My butt is off limit unless it is in person. However, I do think I might send you a picture of SQ’s butt …
    She goes to sleep earlier than me.

  4. Ha, I do love me some Squirrel Queen.

    Okay, guys, I think this has been up long enough that I can assume Mack is no longer reading the comments to see if folks are saying nice things about his butt. So, let me tell you the cutest story about him ever.

    So, Friday night we took Mrs. Wigglebottom up to the cabin because I didn’t want her spending the night by herself in Nashville if we were all up at Mack’s. And Mack is just determined that Mrs. Wigglebottom should love him (which is a totally unnecessary goal. If you just hang out with Mrs. W. for like five minutes, she will love you) so he goes and gets this stuffed bear for her to play with.

    Now, never in her life has she played with stuffed animals. It’s just never occurred to her, I guess. And so, if Mack wants to play with Mrs. W. playing with a stuffed animal, someone’s got to teach her, right?

    So, the next thing I know, there’s Mack, on the floor on all fours growling and shaking the teddy bear in his mouth and putting himself in play posture so that Mrs. W. would get the hang of it.

    I swear it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen of Mack’s and I, like everyone on the internet, have seen his bare bottom.

    And it worked! She totally played with the teddy bear.

  5. She goes to sleep earlier than me.

    I just LOVE that.

    Nope, there is a rule posted somewhere that after age 50, there can never be enough “nice butt” comments. I’ll keep checkin in for the next month or so…

    NM, I have taken to stalking small creatures…

  6. Mack,
    That also goes for “after age 40”
    yeah, that’s me.
    No one wants to see my butt.
    But I can “create a rain” of one dollar bills and I’m smoking hot.

  7. v. nice butt, and I see why–he clearly gets his clenching exercise trying to keep the hammer from hitting his toe. must walk kinda funny.

  8. I believe that is the most handsome bottom ever to grace these pages.

    So round, so firm, so fully packed.

    My compliments to the owner and his spouse, a most fortunate individual to be able to pat that in passing every morning.


    ‘Coma, yes, you are hot, but you know if you went in there and took a photo of SQ’s butt, one of the dogs would pop up behind it just as the flash went off and scare the living hell out of everybody. But it would make you some money on the front page of the Weekly World News: Dog Survives Stint in Owner’s Buttocks!

  9. Goodness, Supermousey, your father let you read this post?

    I can’t remember whether I meant you or a barrel of monkeys; it was all so long ago.

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