Poop as Black as Sin

Last night, I had twelve Oreo cookies.  Today there are no Oreo cookies.

The Butcher had eaten all of the rest of them.

How he can eat that many Oreos, I have no idea.

8 thoughts on “Poop as Black as Sin

  1. Sounds like he and my son may share some DNA. Seriously, a whole package, gone overnight. WTF? Is there some kind of Oreo – Testosterone link?

  2. I am embarassed to admit this – but I can eat more than 12 in a sitting. Which is precisely why there are never any Oreos in my house. Yummmmm.

  3. “How he can eat that many Oreos, I have no idea.”

    My friends call this “weed.”

    P.S. Every time I eat Oreos my poo is black. I do not like it.

  4. now you should remind everyone of the time he ate $40 (or was it $50) worth in less than a week. That’s much more impressive, and it set the precedent that is today just being followed.

  5. yea… i blew threw an entire bulk package of oreos in two days. there were over 30 packs of six oreos, do the math

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