Like Loaves of Bread

When he got up in the morning, my grandpa would always need my grandma’s help to slide his feet into his slippers.  His feet were so square, like boxes with five pink toes straining to pop off the fronts of them.

My feet used to be normal. I used to look down at them and wiggle my toes and see tendons flashing under the skin as they did their work.  At some point this spring, I noticed that my ankles were swollen.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t really think much of it, because they didn’t hurt.

And then my feet began to swell.  They look like dough, like loaves of bread at the bottom of my legs, rising over the day.  In the evenings, I try to lay on the couch with my feet above my head.  Sometimes, though, this hurts, as the fluid drains.  Other times, it doesn’t feel like anything.

Saturday, when I took the dog to the park, my left foot was so swollen that I had to undo my laces to get my foot in my shoe and then, over the course of the walk, tighten them back up as my foot shrank back down into normal proportions.  Funny enough, the one thing that helps them the most is to just get out there and walk the shit out of them.  Of course, getting motivated to walk when your feet look like two tiny blimps and are tender to the touch is not always easy.

So, thank goodness for Mrs. Wigglebottom.

Weirdly enough, they also itch.  It’s difficult to scratch them, though, because it hurts to touch them.

Yes, I am going to the doctor about this, because clearly something is wrong.

But the real question, I think, is whether I need some cute slippers to wear around the world when I’m not in my walking shoes, because all the shoes I own bug me at the moment, or if I can just hire some folks to carry me around.

7 thoughts on “Like Loaves of Bread

  1. Have you been tested for diabetes? My grandmother went through the same thing with her feet…

  2. A second on the diabetes. Have you been drinking and urinating more often lately? any itching in the privates? more tired then usual?

  3. No, and no, but I will definitely bring it up with my doctor. Bleh, I’m too young to get a disease that will not let me eat cookies!

  4. Yeah, it can be a lot of things. Though my first thought was of diabetes as well. (My grandmother had it too, and it runs in my family, as far as such things go.) That it goes away when you excercise is (relatively) good… that you’r going to bring it up with your doctor is even better. Good luck with that!

  5. Putting them up does help, as does doing a lot of walking. I’m a little concerned that it might be some kind of allergy. There seem to be bumps on the top of my right foot.

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