This BarCamp thing has me intrigued, but I don’t understand it.  If you go, do you have to present?  If I had to present, what do I do that folks would be interested in?  Not much, and yet, it’s just over the bridge from my house…

4 thoughts on “BarCamp

  1. Apparently I don’t understand it either. I rushed into signing up and my friend just pointed out to me that I have to either present or blah blah blah… “No spectators only contributors.” Well hell, I wanted to go spectate. I want to learn–I certainly don’t have anything to teach at this point. So… I guess I’m going to un-register…. ugh

  2. thanks Wage.

    I accidentally outted myself on the BarCamp “attendees RSS feeds” page… It made for some interesting emails this morning…

    Sloppy Anonymous-ish Blogger, Sloppy sloppy sloppy… :-)

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