Dropping Bombs in the Middle of the Story

Slate.com has a story about Muslim polygamy here in the U.S.  I will summarize it for you.  Blah blah blah some Muslim men have more than one wife.  Some Muslim leaders don’t mind.  Some Muslim women don’t mind.  Some do.  And so forth.

Now, you may remember Akon from such publicity stunts as dry humping a fourteen year old girl on stage and tossing some other fan off stage.

Ha, I’m sure some of you may see where this is going, but I’m reading along on Slate.com, wondering if I could put up with being a co-wife when, bam:

Similarly, Senegalese-American hip-hop star Akon casually revealed to a New York radio host in late 2006 that he not only had four mothers growing up but also currently has several wives at home in Atlanta. (He said he would go public with his “multimonogamous” family only if he had his own reality show. Just imagine it: Big Love meets Run’s House.)

Well, slather me with butter and call me a biscuit.

5 thoughts on “Dropping Bombs in the Middle of the Story

  1. When I first read “four moms,” I admit, I thought of having, like, my mom and three mom clones, which would be weird, but kind of nice.

    Anyway, according to Wikipedia, dude owns a diamond mine in South Africa. Can that be for real? Is there a point in hip hop where a person is so outrageous that he becomes both a hip hop artist and a parody of a hip hop artist simultaneously? Because I think he’s reached it.

  2. *snorts*

    All that, and he manages to make one of the victim-blamingest, holier-than-thou-est, non-apologies to hit the airwaves in a while. (Video) (lyrics)

    (Granted, many people seem to buy it, so I don’t know. I have a hard time reading ‘sincere apology’ anywhere in it with lines like this, however:

    I’m sorry for the hand that she was dealt
    And for the embarrassment that she felt
    She’s just a little young girl tryin to have fun
    But daddy should of never let her out that young
    I’m sorry for Club Zen didn’t shut down
    I hope they manage better next time around
    How was I to know she was underage
    In a 21 and older club they say
    Why doesn’t anyone want to take blame
    Verizon backed out, disgracing my name
    I’m just a singing trying to entertain
    Because I love my fans, I’ll take that blame
    Even though the blame’s on you
    Even though the blame’s on you
    Even though the blame’s on you
    I’ll take that blame from you


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