Is It Too Much to Ask?

I want a cabinet like this.  I thought it might be easy enough to build one, but I think I might have been dissuaded from that.  But here’s the thing.  This is a hundred and fifty bucks and it doesn’t come assembled, which means, I’d still have to put it together.

I couldn’t do better putting one together from scratch?

I really only want to spend fifty dollars.

Is that so wrong?

Random Things That Struck Me This Morning

1.  I want to say something about this, but I can’t quite work my mind around it.  It seems spot on, but I don’t know that I want to call it a liberal/conservative split.  Hmm.  Maybe we’ll come back to this.

2.  The perjury bothers me, but the refusal to answer questions bothers me more.  Conservatives, please tell me that you’re also concerned about whether Bush understands that he’s not above the law.  I mean, my conservative friends, you do get that, if we don’t all play by the Constitution, we’re not really America any more, right?  We just can’t have one branch of the government decide it can be above the Law.  Right?

3.  More evidence that fat people are ruining it for everyone.  We make our friends fatter and we’re abusing our children with our fatty fatness.  Never mind that the government’s own studies suggest that people who are “overweight” live longer than the folks who meet the government’s ideal.  Even obese people are only going to lower the life expectancy of Americans two years over the course of the next century.  Two years.  Over a hundred years.  Still Jennifer Chait is convinced that many of the people her age aren’t going to live to see their grandchildren.  Well, yeah, maybe if everyone waits until they’re forty to have kids and then their kids wait until they’re forty.

Here’s a handy tip from me: If you’re concerned about the health of Americans, encourage everyone to eat better and exercise more.  But if you find yourself out in public staring at the fat people you find so disgusting and then rushing home to talk some more about how gross they look, don’t bother to pretend you’re concerned about their health.  We can all see that the problem is that you believe you should be surrounded by a world filled only with pretty and it offends you that some folks don’t give a shit about surrounding you with said pretty.