Is It Too Much to Ask?

I want a cabinet like this.  I thought it might be easy enough to build one, but I think I might have been dissuaded from that.  But here’s the thing.  This is a hundred and fifty bucks and it doesn’t come assembled, which means, I’d still have to put it together.

I couldn’t do better putting one together from scratch?

I really only want to spend fifty dollars.

Is that so wrong?

15 thoughts on “Is It Too Much to Ask?

  1. I think $150 is pretty reasonable, but you could try Craigslist, yard sales, consignment furniture stores, and thrift stores to see if you could find something similar.

  2. There’s always Ikea :)

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  3. It’s the doors where you are going to find trouble building it. It takes alot of skill to do those right. Since you seem to be in such a hurry, I’m with Ivy. Buy it. I’ll put it together for you.

  4. We can build a “box”, and attach doors. It won’t be attractive, and probably rather heavy. I’m of the opinion that a custom cabinet builder could do this right for around 150.00

    50? Maybe, depending on the type of wood used.

  5. Heavy? How heavy can it be? I just need something two feet wide, two feet tall and a foot deep, roughly, that stands off the ground a little bit.

    What if we make it of balsa wood?

  6. *laughs* A balsa wood cabinet would be interesting.

    If I had my grandfather’s equipment (he was a carpenter. Oh, he’s still alive… I just don’t think he builds things any more) and a fair bit of time and materials, I *think* I could make that. (Well, except for the glass… I’ve never done glass) But he moved to Missouri and sold all his stuff, and I don’t own any tools of my own more complicated than a machete at this point. That, and shipping it to Tennessee would probably run ya more than it’s worth.

    If you can make patterns for a dress, you can make a pattern for that. And if you can cut patterns for a dress, you can cut the pieces for it with the right tools.

    This is a step-by-step guide to making a cabinet/storage bench in similar dimensions (okay, not really similar dimensions, but serving the same general purpose). If you’re adventurous and decent with math/spatial stuff, you can just tweak it to fit the space you’ve got. I don’t have a bead on how much the materials cost, but with the right wood, you can probably get it into your price range.

    (From this page, which has a number of free cuting diagrams for different projects.)

    You might also try looking around secondhand stores or the like. We’ve found some really intresting pieces around here… they’re in need of work/love, but good and interesting and cheap. You may just find something you like, with character, and be able to fix it up, or cajole Mack or the Butcher into fixing it up for you. Most things that you’d be able to buy would probably just need work on the doors, and probably a good sanding and refinishing to get the look that you’d want.

    See also: Nashvill Craigslist furniture listings (ex: not what you’re looking for, but a lovely china hutch; this is the wrong color, but the right price and size, except it seems to be on ebay; right color, a bit small, cheap, good location; interesting, a little expensive and a little small ; this sounds just right, but you could probably get it from IKEA directly… and so on) a list of ‘bargain’ furniture stores in Tennessee, a list ofconsignment and thrift stores in the area.

    (I absolutely know this is going to get eaten by Akismet…)

  7. I knew it! Akismet ate my reply. It is long. Can you fish it out please, Aunt B? If it’s well and truly gone, I can e-mail it to you.

  8. *blushes* Awwww, Mack! I’m just good with google. (And I don’t have to work today, so I can do this sort of thing early in the morning.)

    And besides, isn’t all this lookin’ by me just going to result in more work for you? ;)

  9. Hey! Hey, hey, hey. What if we bought an old window and used it as a door on the front side of a box we built?

    No, I know. Standing so close to this much genius must just be often painful and tiring.

  10. That’d work, if you had good hinges and whatnot. Dunno whether you’d like how it looked in the end, though. That is, after all, pretty much what that kind of door is – a fancy window someone decided to use as a door.

    If you wanted to get really fancy with it, you could put in that stained glass window treatment.

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