Random Things–Girls, Girls, Girls

–I hope Richland Creek is not too polluted, because I let Mrs. Wigglebottom play in there for a good quarter of an hour during our walk.  I’m really enjoying the greenway, even if it does just go around the golf course.  I would enjoy it a whole lot more if it weren’t ninety-five and humid beyond belief.

–Yesterday, SuperMousey yelled at me for using “blog language.”  That tickled the shit… er… crap right out of me.

–I’ve been accused of being easier on women on-line than I am on men.  This strikes me as true, reasonable, and obvious, so I’m not quite sure how to defend myself.  I mean, yes, I am.  That seems to me to make perfect sense.  I don’t know.  Am I missing something here? 

To make broad, sweeping generalizations for the sake of proving that I’m right, a lot of male interaction can be summed up as “Respect me, because I have a big dick.”  “Whatever.  Here are all of the reasons your dick is small and mine is bigger.”  “Whatever, your momma never complained.”  When faced with such interaction, a person such as myself has a few options.  I can respond with, “Oh, please, does this have to turn into a dick waving?” or “Yes, yes, your dick is so big.  Mmm.  What a beautiful big dick you have.” or “Whatever, here are all of the reasons your dick is small and mine is bigger.”  I think most folks expect one of the first two responses from a woman, but I don’t think that should always be the case.  Also, again, broadly speaking, men tend to be better natured about the bullshit between them.  In other words, one man can say to another, metaphorically, “Here are all of the reasons you have a tiny dick” and they can be friends after that.

But when women take after each other, we are evil to each other.  We can argue about why this is, but it’s, again, generally speaking, true.  After about four years of this (usually transpiring between 11-14), we are all well-versed in how much we suck and well-aware of how much it sucks to have a girl turn on you.  We spend a lot of time trying to get over the damage wrought by living in a society that feels free to tell us how much we suck and that supports women policing each other in exceptionally cruel ways.

For me, and I suspect for most women, this means that it’s very, very hard to argue or fight with another woman the way I would with a man, because I’m almost always sure that the men won’t take it personally and I’m not convinced that women can hear argumentative or fighting words from another woman and take it as just a fight and not something that echoes too closely the fucked up ways we’re used to interacting.

And why would I do that to another woman?  I mean, if you knew that a person you cared about was called “Dog boy” right before his dad beat the shit out of him on a regular basis, would you ever call him “Dog boy” unless you were absolutely sure that he and you had some understanding that would make that okay?

–The Professor is on her way over and we’re going to have dessert!  Ice cream, I hope.

3 thoughts on “Random Things–Girls, Girls, Girls

  1. I love the Richland greenway. Have they finished the new ‘segment’ that goes northward (splits off by the golf course)??

  2. Because it’s so hot, I’ve not made it all the way up the north part, but Mrs. Wigglebottom and I got on at the end, there at 51st and made our way south some. So, I can’t say that the whole thing is connected, not having done the whole thing yet, but I will say that it appears as if it probably is. Once it cools down a little, I’m looking forward to walking the whole thing.

    The downside to it being done is that it is now obvious that there needs desperately to be a “clean up the Richland creek” day where we all just get in the water and de-litter the creek. Why have people been treating that beautiful creek like a garbage dump?

    The upside is that people appear to be keeping their dogs on leashes when they walk on it, so hurray for that.

  3. We could have had ice cream. Even real stuff, not Dairy Queen. Should have read this before arriving, but I was too busy drinking beer instead. Would a beer float be yummy, or does that only work for root beer?

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