Random Weekend Observations

–If you watched only cheesy movies, you would come to believe that all black people are originally from Philadelphia.

Fred Claus could not look any more ridiculous.

The Simpsonswas hilarious.  The first half is more movie-ish and the second half is more tv-show-ish, but it’s all very, very enjoyable.  Also, who does not love Lisa’s little Irish boyfriend?

–“You didn’t sit there in grad school dreaming of this life, did you?”  Ouch.

–I’m really, really tired of the humidity.

8 thoughts on “Random Weekend Observations

  1. I am honestly tired of this summer. I know that sounds depressing but I have the blues this weekend. With that said, I’m sure they will be lifted as I’m headed to see The Simpsons this afternoon.
    And I like Popcorn and Goobers so I got that going for me.

    Sending you good wishes…

  2. I’m having a hard time deciding if Vince Vaughn is the poor man’s Johnny Knoxville or visa versa. But I could totally imagine Johnny Knoxville in that role.

    ‘Coma, don’t waste your good wishes on me. I just want the humidity to go down so that I can stand to be outside for longer than five seconds at a time.

    Eliyahu–ha, that’s very funny.

  3. Seeing that Vince Vaughn was doing Fred Claus made me sad. You know this was one of those roles he agreed to do before going back to sobbing into his scotch&soda. Poor guy. He’ll always be Trent Walker to me..

  4. >Also, who does not love Lisa’s little Irish boyfriend?

    well, I could do without him : (

  5. I had to wish you good wishes and think positively as I was about to start hitting people with a bat yesterday.

    Damn hot weather and cranky work bullshit.
    Feh to both of it.

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