15 thoughts on “Attention Tennessee Bloggers: David Oatney is Better than You

  1. In the words of Thoreau: “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

  2. Posts like that remind me of people who try to convince me by saying: “I am funny,” but never illustrating that.

  3. I just want to state for the record that I never blog about my community service because so much of my community service is immoral and illegal and I don’t want to be arrested. I mean, I’m certain those nine-year-old illegal immigrant gang members need those guns and cigarettes in order to secure their neighborhoods, but I don’t want word getting out that I supply those things–well, unless you’re a potential customer.

  4. Well, I appreciate your service to this community Aunt B. The more gun-toting, chain-smoking ankle biters (or shooters as the case may be) the better, imo.

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  6. I wonder if that proves that you’re psychic?

    You should read the loooong draft of the post I wrote about all my Psychic Premonitions BEFORE you wrote your post on being psychic the other day.

    (That’s the one that I was afraid to put up because, well, I thought it would make me look nuts. I mean, I’m rambling on and on about not being able to stay at the World Trade Center in 1997 because I felt oppressed by darkness. I also rambled on and on about various dreams I’ve had which have come true.)

    I’ve done my share of community service. beats the hell out of jailtime…

    I admit. I laughed at that.

  7. B, didn’t you realize that you must put all of your activities online and talk about them incessantly, or they don’t actually exist?

  8. I wonder how many comments he got that he didn’t approve. I was going to say something but I figured that anything he’d be willing to let post would just be a lie.

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