Another Contest

Bridgett sent me a link to this contest and I’m thinking I should submit “Honey” to it.  I want to do some minor revisions, now that I’ve seen it on stage.  For one–and this may be shocking to those of you who read me–I think there’s too much cussing in it.

I don’t know why, but shits and fuck mes and such that aren’t jarring to me at all to read do jar me to see.  So, I want to tone those down some.

Also, there are a few lines I want to smooth over.

Otherwise, I kind of think it’s good.  I don’t know.

I thought the actors were so genius with it that they may have made something mediocre into something memorable.

Still, I’m a woman playwrite residing in Tennessee and damn, it’d be really weird and cool to see another cast perform it.

Argh.  It tickles me and makes me want to throw up to even consider it.

Tee hee hee blegh ack ack ha ha is the sound my soul is making right now.

8 thoughts on “Another Contest

  1. I feel like barfing too, but for different reasons. The thought of someone else playing Lucetta. I am selfish and want her to be mine all mine. I do not want to share. She got under my skin.

    But humph. It’s a play. It’s meant to be performed over and over. I’ll get over it. I’m glad you submitted it. I’m just going to go over here and dry heave for a while…

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