Uterus Fruit

Being around Mack’s kids all day has made me a little wistful.  It could be that they’re just on their best behavior, but I doubt it.  They had a pretty knock down drag out fight while they were cleaning upstairs when they thought I couldn’t hear them.  In general, though, they’re really sweet, smart, and funny kids and it’s fun to hang out with them.

Granted, it’s been hot and they’ve just wanted to watch movies or play on the computer, which means I haven’t really had to come up with ways to entertain them (though I did paint their portraits on some gravel from the driveway).

But I was looking at them while we were waiting for our pizza and wondering what it would be like to look across the table at someone who looked both like me and not like me.  I’m a little envious of the recalcitrant brother for that.  I do feel like he knows something about life intrinsically that I just don’t.  And am afraid that I won’t.

One thought on “Uterus Fruit

  1. First of all, I am immensely thankful for your presence here yesterday, so that we could attend an event in Cookeville. We rarely get away together, and sitters are expensive and unreliable.

    I think alot of trouble arises out of looking at your children as little replicas of you. (us)
    I don’t think we just automatically glean insight from the experience of being parents. If your brother is conscientious in his efforts as a parent, I think he will learn and grow and both he and his children will benefit. However, if he is lackadaisical about his duties, or, worse, indifferent, he will learn nothing, and the rest of the family will need to take up the slack. Come to think of it, perhaps that is what he will learn, that the experience of being a parent doesn’t necessarily stop when you get your kids out the door. I’m rambling here, sorry, but sharing DNA with those in your care is the least compelling thing about being a parent. Ask Slarti.

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