Victory is Mine!

I just burped so long and loud that both kids gave me an appreciative “Aunt B!”

The best part?

I had a burp aftershock.  I let out my ginormous belch, got my kudos and then followed it up with another burp.

It was amazing.

Ha, it’s really a wonder people leave me with their children.  We’re burping.  We’re arguing.  We’re watching Rob Schneider’s masterpiece “The Animal” hoping they’re too young for the orgasm jokes.  We’re eating pizza.  We’re drinking pop.  We’re going for ice cream.  We’re doing our chores in the most amazingly half-assed way ever.

But no one is crying or vomiting or pooping themselves, so I call it good.

2 thoughts on “Victory is Mine!

  1. Sounds like a good day to me. One time my twin nieces and nephew were with us I let them have a taste test with dog biscuits, and then they slept under the pool table.

    With boys however (like I will have here shortly, as the NosePicker has four friends sleeping over), there will likely be lots of farting as well as burping. This will also be a good day for them, I’m guessing.

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