Brief Programming Note

Though it’s not entirely clear what’s going on with my “horse,” I appear to have a new “horse.”  In many ways it resembles the old “horse” except that I’ve been given interesting and fun things to do with my “horse” today, which is very cool.

So, I guess I have switched “horses.”

But, knowing this place, maybe I haven’t.  I don’t know.

11 thoughts on “Brief Programming Note

  1. ceeelcee, I doubt it. It took an act of God to get this woman up onto a four-wheeler.

    Oh, you meant figuratively. Yeah, she’s a little full of herself right now. ;)

  2. It’s always like a wonderful puzzle over here at TCP.
    Trying to figure it all out.
    And, yeah, I’m that slow.

    Glad you are feeling saucy. It’s always a good thing and ignore Fisty, I mean Smiley. Being on a high horse is just fine if it makes you feel good.

    Mack, I have never gotten to ride your four-wheeler. Be over in an hour. (heh)

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