My Internet Crush of the Week

Y’all, I cannot resist a person with swagger.  I just can’t.  And to watch Liz Garrigan walking all over the internet like she’s packing ten thick inches about does me in.

Please don’t think less of me, Brittney.

And, shoot, Liz, I probably wouldn’t last an hour under your “quality control,” but I’m willing to try.

8 thoughts on “My Internet Crush of the Week

  1. Sorry, just left a message at BG’s.
    She has swagger, I’ll give her that.
    But so do I and I disagree.
    Newspapers aren’t dead, but they don’t need to be picking fights with the internet folks either. We need to find some swagger together. It’s the reason I dig Jack Lail so much.
    I laughed at this.
    Seriously, I did.
    We are all scrambling, big or small.
    Just because you say a rabbit is a duck doesn’t make it a duck.
    Oh, and B., go to because, yeah, that’s me on a napkin.
    Thought you might like it.

  2. ‘Coma, I love that drawing of you. And I’m not saying that her swagger is earned or justified or that she’s right. I’m only saying that, at some point, a person with a bad ass strut will catch my attention and cause me to go all weak in the knees.

  3. Well, I’m with on that completely. I dig me some Matt Dillon editors protecting stuff and whatnot.
    But it still makes me laugh. I’m sure she’s as groovy as hell, but I can’t help but laugh my hiney off to see newsprint folks picking fights.
    Wait …:)
    I get it, it’s all Gunsmoke, but how realistic is it in a few years?

    Sorry, just had a fit.

  4. Newspapers aren’t dead, but they don’t need to be picking fights with the internet folks either

    That’s essentially the comment I just left over at NCBlogs. I mean, I’d love to be all touchy-feely with the Scene, but they’ve made no bones about considering all bloggers subpar. Just look at the way they’ve treated S-Town Mike with all that “lighten up, Mike” crap.

    Right. Like after all that we’re gonna just call them up and say “yo, dudes. Let me ask you why you are openly homophobic with your YASNI contest.”

    This paper seems unable to generate phone calls to mayoral candidates (Howard Gentry) and PR personnel at major universities (Bill Hobbs). How likely are they to take a “reporting” phone call seriously when it comes from your average blogger?

    It’s the reason I dig Jack Lail so much.

    Jack Lail, Lileks, you and John Carney. And even Hobbs to a degree. All of y’all who are trying to marry print and electronic media get kudos from me. Garrigan’s apparent Luddite nature is skeeving me.

  5. Katherine,
    I think that’s the nicest thing anybody has said to me in awhile and to be in such fine, esteemed company is just…
    My thanks.

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