Ruining Rap for Young People

Nothing tickles me more than driving around with Mrs. Wigglebottom, rap music blaring.  We roll up to a stop sign and the first thing the young people here is our thudding bass and then they see the bad-ass pit bull and then they see the fat old white woman in the driver’s seat, singing along.

Ha, your music’s not so cool now, is it? 

And when I was your age, we had to walk both ways up hill in a dress and combat boots to listen to music that annoyed society at large, and we liked it.

Anyway, that’s what Dead Dad reminded me of today.  Azalea… tee hee.

Although, if I recall correctly, Ice-T did have a minor hit with “I Got More Money than God” with lyrics that went something like:

I got more money than God

I’m on the Law & Order squad

But don’t let that fool ya I’m still hard core

I’m carrying hand grenades when I walk out my door

Azaleas in bloom, my enemies go boom


Ha, no, I just made that up.  As further part of my efforts to ruin rap for young people.

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