Why It’s Hard to Talk on the Phone in My Bedroom


Look at her whiskers!  My favorite thing is to pet those whiskers right under her nose.  They’re all bristley like a walrus and if she’s not in the mood to have them pet, which she’s normally not, you get licked.

But if you’re on the phone and it sounds like you’re having a good time, giggling and talking all about the awesome press release you wrote or your concerns about your friend’s child’s evangelical Christian bent or how much fun strutty people are, she’s going to try to horn in on your conversation.

p.s. As the camera on my phone deteriorates, I must say that I think the pictures get more interesting.  Mrs. Wigglebottom almost looks like a painting.

One thought on “Why It’s Hard to Talk on the Phone in My Bedroom

  1. I almost said she looks like a Renoir, but now I’m thinking more Vermeer. With all the vermillion.

    Lovely lovely pup. Thanks to her lovely mom, of course.

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