Random Things–The Feminist Edition

1.  Oh, Wes Comer, for a man who opposes government respect and recognition for folks of different gender/sexual orientations, you sure clutch your pearls like a pro.  Y’all, seriously, check out his list of things that, if you even associate with a group who advocates them, makes you a crazy “progressive” and possibly a liberal–recognizing and respecting people’s dignity, safe family-planning choices for women, separation of church and state, and sustainable development planning.

I swear, I sometimes worry if we turned the state over to the Republicans, it’d be an orgy of beating up gay people, burning down forests, polluting streams, and praying to God to save us from our own stupidity while we kick women.

2.  Some of you folks have been in the military.  Please explain to me how a woman can be gang raped by her fellow soldiers and they’re given immunity so that they’ll testify against her at her court martial.   How does that work?  By what logic is the Air Force better off with those three bozos than with her?

3.  Okay, just one last question about Comer.  When he says that Woodson’s conservatism is only skin-deep, does he mean that she might appear conservative because she’s white?  I hope not, but I just sometimes cannot tell where the line between rabid theoconservatism and White Nationalism gets drawn these days.

A Nice Surprise from Google Reader

Andrew Osenga, I don’t know who you are or why you’re in my Google Reader, but it was worth it for this line this morning:

10 PM. 94˚ outside. Nashville thinks its Halloween and its dressing up like Phoenix.

That is beautiful.  It is so beautiful that I’m going to check out your music, even though I suspect you’re a Christian artist.

Who Bit the Tiny Cat?

We’ve long suspected that the tiny cat is a CIA operative, just because you can watch her go into a bedroom one day, not see her for two weeks, and then, suddenly, she’s sitting on your golf clubs like she always watches tv with you while sitting on your golf clubs.

Then there was the fact that our neighbor had an eastern European wife who was always changing her hair color and who, strangely, seemed to just up and vanish one day.  Then, this summer, he moved out with like ten days’ notice.  I don’t know how the tiny cat is involved in their disappearances exactly but, as the Butcher points out, if the CIA is willing to ruin a man’s neighborhood with the crack cocaine, it’s probably willing to ruin a man’s marriage in some nefarious way as well.

All this brings us to this morning.  The tiny cat is not a big fan of being outdoors, especially when it’s this hot out.  And yet, I come down this morning and she’s missing a huge chunk of fur right at the back of her head/base of her neck and where the fur was is pink with a little kind of red irritatedness in the middle (but no scabs or blood or anything) and the whole thing is kind of wet and shiny.

It seemed to not bother her, but she also sat still while I poked at it, which she usually doesn’t do.  I put some aloe on it (figuring she wouldn’t be able to lick it off) and she seemed to appreciate that.  But this new bald patch is definitely shaped like a mouth, like someone grabbed ahold of her hair and kept hold while she escaped.

And yet, where would this happen?

It’s too small a patch to have been the dog, too large, I think, to have been the orange cat.  I’m afraid I’m going to have to go in and check the Butcher’s teeth for stray cat hairs.

If not him, I guess I’m going to assume it’s a CIA related injury.