Thoughts On Peeing In Front of Y’all

I’m completely convinced that those p-mates would be extremely handy to have on camping trips or day hikes.  They’re easy to use and work as advertised.

I found peeing standing up to be very weird.  It’s really something how much you have ingrained into you that you don’t pee until your butt is on the toilet.  Even though I knew I wasn’t doing anything “wrong,” it was still disconcerting.  Also, I used to think it was hilarious when my nephews would say things like “Dang, I had a lot of pee!” but actually being able to see just how much liquid is coming out of your body is pretty amazing.  I wanted to call someone and say the same thing.

Like I said, the practice run went off without a hitch.

The second run was weird.  It felt incredibly intimate to be just standing there, skirt hitched up, waiting to see if I was going to go or not.  You can’t see anything, but I know I’m standing there with just a little paper slipper between me and a career internet porn.

I don’t know.  It was weird.  Cool, but weird.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On Peeing In Front of Y’all

  1. This might shake up you and some of your readers, but when I’m home, I pee sitting down. It’s way cleaner, and quieter. (this seems to please the women of the house) Thats a home field advantage, but when I travel beyond my border, I’m standing, and generally unconcerned about how accurate I am…

    Anyone wanna have me over?

  2. Ha, that would be a big mistake at my house–sitting down to pee–, as I’ve perfected the half-asleep stroll to the bathroom. I can walk, eyes closed, to the toilet, back up, sit down, do my business, and go back to bed, without completely waking up. The only thing that saves the Butcher is that I can hear him in there *SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*ing away. You’re libel to find yourself with a lap full of my pee.

    Not that that’s necessarily bad, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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