I’m the only one in the office this afternoon.  I have stuff to do.  I’m not even motivated by promising myself ice cream if I finish it.  I just want to take a nap.

Not even my curly hair pleases me.

I wonder if I should get a tattoo…

Maybe Orion

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  1. Orion’s my favorite constellation. When it’s directly overhead the northeast US, it’s my birthday.

  2. Tattoos are an awesome way to love your body. I used to hate my arms until I inked them up a little… now I don’t particularly care that I don’t have visible muscle contours in those soft arms, because I love the way I redesigned them. : D

  3. I’ll go with you! I’ve been wanting a tattoo to commemorate 1) my divorce and how far I’ve come since then, and 2) turning 40.

    I want an angel on my shoulder.

  4. I’m thinking something from the Book of Kells for my tat. Anyone know who the best artist in town is?

  5. I’d love to hear other folks’ opinions on this (maybe a musiccityblog person could ask there… hint, hint), but the Red-headed Kid, who has one of the nicest tattoos I’ve ever seen (I thought it was fake for a long time; it was so crisp and beautiful) got his done at the Ink Gallery on Elliston and he loved them.

    Tanglethis–I love the idea of tattoos being a way to love your body. I hadn’t ever thought of that before, but boy do I like it.

    We should make an outing.

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  7. Well, I’m anti-tattoos for myself in a big way, so I’m thinking you shouldn’t have me tattooed. For yourself, I don’t know, but I’d advise not to do it out of boredom. Or drunkenness. That’s too much like buying a sportscar out of midlife crisis.

    OTOH, if you’ve been wanting a tatoo of Orion for a while….

    I don’t like this stripped-down look at all, BTW. I know that form should follow function, but maybe not by positively treading on its heels.

    I’m just full of not-liking today. I apologize. I’m all crabby from the heat.

  8. David Digby at Lone Wolf did mine but that was 10 years ago and I don’t know if he is still there. Still very pleased with it.

  9. I don’t have a tattoo because I could never commit to a design. That, and I grew up with my dad telling me I should never get one because there might come a time when I don’t want to be identified. So there’s that.
    Like nm, I’m not a huge fan of this look. It’s somehow less charming than it was, and I actually thought it was broken for a second.

  10. There’s a place in Homewood (north of Old Hickory on OHB) where I got mine. Highly recommend it. Too lazy to look it up right now… and too old to remember some place I went over 12 years ago. :)

  11. Tattoos are stupid. However, if you want to get one, you should go to the christian place on third and broad that has occupied the gorgeous old american national bank building. Because getting a tattoo at a christian tattoo parlor is awesome. I hear their ink is guaranteed at least 2/3 holy water.

  12. Tattoos are stupid.

    That’s a silly generalization. Tattoos can be meaningful, symbolic, culturally significant, aesthetically pleasing. Besides, if you consider all the harmful things people can put in their bodies without signing a waiver (Splenda, Alli, fast food, Coke, just for a few), ink is particularly clean, harmless, and life-enhancing in comparison. ; )

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