Random Things You Just Have to Wonder About

1.  When you hear them tossing around terms like ‘draft,’ when you look over at the men in your house who you love, or the boys who are just in high school now, does it also make you want to ask why a ‘draft’ is on the table, but rethinking our goals in Iraq doesn’t seem to be?

2.  In Illinois, unless you went to the University of Illinois or lived near the University of Illinois, you just didn’t get that excited about the University of Illinois.  It’s different here in Tennessee.  I’ve been to four weddings in which they played ‘Rocky Top’ at the receptions, and, apparently, even when you move out of the state, nay, the country, Tennesseans will still keep the Orange alive. (I don’t even want to know what’s going on with that cat.)

3.  The neighbor was out with his Staffordshire Terrier and the neighbor was throwing a frisbee and I was all like “What the hell?  What kind of person can train a pit bull to fetch?!”  But it turns out that the dog, though very interested in chasing the frisbee was not that interested in catching it and sure as hell not interested in bringing it back.  Hurray!

Mrs. Wigglebottom, for the life of her, cannot understand the point of fetch.  If she’s going to go to the trouble of chasing something, she’s not going to turn it over to you for fun.  She’ll hand it over if it’s a direct order, but not as a part of some game.  If she had to work for it, so do you.

I’m glad to see it’s a family trait.

I should have taken a picture of him smiling.  I swear, if you’ve seen a pit bull smile and can still hurt a dog like that, you have no soul.  Who can see something that enjoys life that much and set out to break that?

4.  The littlest nephew started kindergarten–in Georgia–on Thursday.  Unlike every other man in our family, when asked what he learned in school, rather than answering “nuthin'” or just shrugging, said that they had learned how to draw lines, which he already knew, but still liked doing.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that his mom will leave him in kindergarten in Georgia.  It makes me very happy that he likes school.

One thought on “Random Things You Just Have to Wonder About

  1. I was about to say, “His bullie fetches?!! His bullie plays Frisbee?!!!

    Sophie won’t play with anything “hard” (as in hard to the touch). Only soft, stuffed animals for her. And we (the royal WE) do not fetch.

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