“Hate” May Be Too Strong

Little Pasture* says: “Stacey Campfield recently spoke before a group Aunt B. says is a hate group.”

I just want to clarify.  I’ve been giving this some thought and I think that maybe white supremacy is not quite the right phrase in the case of these anti-immigration groups.  I don’t know.  LP’s got me thinking of it because I’m kind of annoyed by his typification of my description of these groups as “hate” groups.  I don’t think TN-RIP or T-FIRE are hate groups.  They’re not the Klan or the Skinheads.

And the more I think about it, the more I think that they’re not exactly white supremacists either.  I mean, yes, clearly it’s obvious to outsiders that they think that white Americans are better than non-white non-Americans–hence the supremacy.

But clearly, as well, they don’t understand what they’re doing as advancing white supremacy.  And so I’m not sure that it’s entirely useful

I mean, I think there’s a spectrum of ideas here and that what they want to do is protect white hegemony.

And that really annoys me because hegemony is one of my least favorite words ever and here they’ve gone and given me a reasonable and practical reason to regularly use it.

Damn you, white hegemonists, damn you!

*For you new readers, I try not to use Little Pasture’s immigrant name out of respect for his paleoconservative nonsense.

It Was Cool Enough to Walk!

I was telling the Professor yesterday, you know how it is when you’re first with someone and you can just be driving down the street on your way to, say, Kroger and all of a sudden the urge to be with them again is just so strong you’re kind of surprised your not instantly teleported to them?  How that longing just shudders through your whole body like pleasant heebie-jeebies?

That’s how I’ve been feeling about Fall this summer.  I’ll just be walking along from the office to the bathroom and, wham, out of nowhere I’ll just feel this longing for a cool Fall day so strong it about knocks me over.

And I think the problem is that it’s even been too hot to walk the dog in the mornings.  We just go down to the corner and poop and turn around.

But today!  Today I woke up to find a little pocket of coolness left over from the still of the night.  And you can bet that we got in that pocket and walked around the neighborhood.

It was awesome.  Oh, neighborhood, how I’ve missed you!  I know it’s only been a week and a half, but I’m glad to be back out in you.

I don’t care how hot it gets in the afternoon as long as it’s cool enough to walk in the mornings!

Also, Tucker is missing and there is a cash reward for him.  He has one blue eye and one brown eye. 

That’s another advantage to the bulldog breeds.  If treated well, they tend not to run off.  After all, if you run off, you might miss out on prime couch-sitting, belly-rubbing time.

Oh, speaking of bullies (ha, sorry for the meandering post), the Staffordshire next door does indeed fetch.  No, I know!  I’m going to film it next time just so you can see it.  Who has ever heard of such a thing?

Now, granted, he’s young–only two–and you have to do something with all the energy of a young bullie and fetch is as good a way as any to wear out a rambunctious puppy.

But it still blows my mind.  I throw balls for Mrs. Wigglebottom, she’ll run over to them and be all like “Hey, I found that ball you threw!  It’s right here!”  Or, she does like she did when we went to the dog park.  This whole fetch thing is so novel that I just stand at the back door watching and I think it freaks the new neighbor out.