Changing Themes–Let Us Never Speak of It Again

I’m hoping Squirrel Queen will do a cool banner for me at the top.  But otherwise, I think this one is working–it’s worked in the past–let’s just stick with this and not get too big for our britches.  Let me know if you find any problems.

14 thoughts on “Changing Themes–Let Us Never Speak of It Again

  1. Oh B.
    If you need a change, just let me know what you have in mind and I’ll try to come up with something for you. Don’t hesitate to float some ideas my way.
    It would be an honor and a pleasure.

  2. yeah, this one is much easier to read…

    Too funny: I was talking to Mack on the phone a few minutes ago, and he said going over to Tiny Cat Pants right now was like a bad LSD trip (while you were changing themes). LOL

  3. I have sent the multi-colored cats to Squirrel Queen with the size I need to fit in this banner and so, I hope, she will be able to come up with something that has multi-colored cats in different sizes all just sitting around wearing pants.

    SQ, if you didn’t get my email, let me know.

    As for Mack, maybe he should switch from LSD to peyote.

  4. Hurray! I will dance around in her honor. I’m already dancing around, but you know, I will declare the dancing to be in her honor.

  5. Next time we decide to change themes at the same time we should probably alert each other. the other day I couldn’t tell which site was mine and which was yours! I had to keep switching back and forth. it was like you were inside my brain, and yet, I knew you weren’t, but, holy moly, it was confusing!

  6. I am……..centered

    I am………balanced

    I am………in sync

    I am………teh together

    I am have flashbacks because I WANT them, NM. Wrap your pretty little head ’round that! I so own you.

  7. No, he means “OMG! I is turned into LOLannimul! I pwn nm!”

    It’s what he means, but he’s wrong. No one pwns me. Or owns me. It was my heteronormative privilege calendrical memorative day yesterday, and I’m quite sure of that.

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