5 thoughts on ““more lofty and educated than the entire population of the state of Tennessee “

  1. Aunt B., this is why I love you, and I’m not alone. You not only tolerate these right-wingers and their knuckle-headed antics (antics including, but not limited to, scrambling and embellishing your words in order to create an excuse to divert from your well-made points), you treat them with humor and affection.

    While I know you don’t identify yourself as a Christian, I think you are more Christ-like than any Bible-thumper I’ve ever met. And smarter, too.

  2. Not angry at all. I just think that we sometimes use words as hyperbole instead of as they’re meant to be used.

    In this example I was pointing out that those were not the definitions of racism. They would fit for discrimination, perhaps or distinction, but not racism. It would be ignorant to think that T-FIRE is racist against ALL immigrants because our country has so many immigrants from so many countries that they’d have to be a bunch of moonshine swilling skinheads to feel superior to that many.

    And I’m not defending, for the record, anyone thinking they’re better than anyone else. If that’s what T-FIRE is about, and I don’t think it is, then I have no business defending them.

    Nor am I defending those who discriminate unfairly or mistreat anyone. I would never say, “Well, they may have shot that dirty immigrant but he had it comin’ because he was here illegally!”

    And finally, Church Secretary, it’s not embellishing to give an accurate definition. My defense was not for discrimination, but rather against the misuse of words.

  3. See what I mean, Aunt B.? It never fails:

    Aunt B.: Isn’t Wes Comer cute with his stinky breath and his brown-stained lips?

    Church Secretary: He is eating a piece of shit, Aunt B., but it’s nice of you to see the bright side.

    Wes Comer: This is not a piece of shit. This is recycled food. Get your facts straight.


  4. In this example I was pointing out that those were not the definitions of racism.

    Where in her post did she state she was planning on giving the definition of racism? She gave examples of racism in action (“This is racist, that is racist” not “Racist is this, racist is that”).

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