14 thoughts on “Three People I am Willing to Marry Today (If you’re not on the list, check back tomorrow.)

  1. Visibly blushing.

    I’ve been feeling like such an ef-up today for the whole key incident last night, that, honestly, offers of marriage from fabulously verbose women (such as yourselves) genuinely lifts my sub-basement spirits. If we become Mormons, could we all marry each other (imagine the food!!!??)? Would that ultimately compromise Mitt’s chance at the Republican nom?


    Um, do I remember the kissing story? Was this before or after I had vodka? Was this while at the hotel bar with the bad music and odd library? Oh geez. I’m old! It must be the Alzheimer’s!

  2. Editor, it was after retro drinks in downtown Knoxville.
    You don’t remember, I ‘m so sad.
    It was of the fun, my dear. I was so smitten with you I couldn’t stand it.
    And it was friendly guys. I’m the one that made this a big deal.
    Wanna wrestle for her, B.?
    That would be fun too.

  3. Ya see, this is what happens when The Editor drinks vodka. I should have merrily continued with my sweet little Guinness buzz, but noooooooo. Hadda be all hip and swanky and ultra-loungey and go for the cappuccino martini (or whatever the hell it was).

    I remember eating dinner at the Brew Pub feelin all super swimmy in the head thinking: I wonder if everybody knows just how pissed (British usage) I am.

    The next thing I know I’ve done and got myself hitched to 2 wiminz!

    Vodka is bad joojoo for The Editor. Vodka bad!

  4. Vodka was groovy. I vaguely remember you talking me into a Sidecar.
    And yeah, it was so much fun with you and Cuppa that I was just smitten.
    I don’t even know what that is.
    And, you will adore B.

  5. No way! That’s what we were calling ours until my husband made me give her a real first name: Mrs. Louise “Sniffy” McSniffersons. We also call her “Weezy” and “Peewee.”

    Sophie is so pretty….

  6. See, ‘Coma, it’s all well and good for me to talk you into drinking vodka, but the trouble is I talked myself into it.

    I’m either terribly persuasive or terribly impressionable.

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