TV Shows the Folks in My House Most Resemble

1.  The Butcher could totally be on Psych.  That’s exactly the type of scam the Butcher’s friends would find themselves involved in.

2.  The orange cat is our own version of Bobby on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  In fact, I often call him Bobby, which infuriates the Butcher, but I’m just like “Hey, I’m just calling him by his Law & Order name.”

3.  The tiny cat is probably already on 24, I just don’t know it because I don’t watch.

4.  Sadly, Mrs. Wigglebottom would have been great on Pete & Pete, which is no longer on the air.  I’m all the time trying to convince Mack to get a tattoo of a girl whose butt would shake as he flexed his arm, but he just doesn’t get how cool that would be.

(On a side note, the Butcher is lecturing me about how “Umbrella” is the sweetest song to be released in the last ten years and how I’d better stop making fun of it.)

8 thoughts on “TV Shows the Folks in My House Most Resemble

  1. ‘Umbrella’ sucks. You tell the Butcher I said so. He probably only thinks that because she’s hot. Continue to make fun.

    I think my favorite song from the last ten years is ‘Hey Ya.’

  2. Plus, you can’t dance to it.

    But he thinks it’s “sweet.” Apparently he’s never heard the Magnetic Fields’ “Book of Love.” That’s a sweet song–I like it when you give me things and you, you should give me wedding rings.

    And hell yeah on the ‘Hey Ya!”

  3. Of course the Butcher would like it. A woman’s letting some guy off the hook for being a fuck-up…he wouldn’t like the song half so much if she was singing
    “Get your ass up, motherfucker,
    and dump out that old bongwater.
    You could really use a shower.
    Pay your rent or we are ovah, ovah, ovah…”

  4. Oh my god! It’s too bad I already composed my list of people I am willing to marry because, after that, I’d put you right at the top.

  5. I was all set to say my mixed feelings on Umbrella, and then here came Bridgett with the Call Tyrone mention. Mmmm Erykah. If you haven’t seen her in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, you’re missing a chance to have your heart stop altogether and live to tell the tale.

  6. What does the Butcher think of the remix (“Cinderella“)

    The regular song is kind of cute, and I don’t mind it… the remix (which plays on the radio all the damn time) makes me want to throw things.

    You’re becoming a dream to me
    A fairytale fantasy
    Nothing can never compare
    An image to my memory
    Girl I’m asking could you be my queen?
    A vision on a magazine
    Thats when I’ll be there

    I mean seriously… I kind of get where it’s going, but it’s just so amazingly stereotypical I don’t know where to start.

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