Pirate Jenny

Speaking of radical women, have y’all heard Nina Simone doing “Pirate Jenny” from Three-Penny Opera? Oh holy shit. When she whispers, “Right now. Right now […] That’ll learn ya.” I can think of no more bad-ass moment in American music.

I have a lot of thoughts about it, but I’ll just say this, as far as revenge fantasies go, this one is damn powerful.

And it’s hard for me to listen to it and not hear it as some kind of response to “Mississippi God Damn.”

4 thoughts on “Pirate Jenny

  1. I searched…SEARCHED last night for a good Nina Simone song to put on my blog because I was in a Nina Simone mood.
    And I just came over from Mack’s saying I wanted to be the farm psychic.

    I’m with Michael. NINA!!!!

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