A Troll for the Trolls

I’ve been thinking about our latest batch of problem children commenters and I was thinking about how there’s that car commercial where the troll gets to ask three questions and, if the folks can’t answer them, I guess he gets to eat them or something.

I’m considering implementing a rule that, if you are a self-avowed white supremacist, you must be able to answer the following three questions to keep me from deleting you outright:

1.  What is “white”?

2.  How can a culture be both robust and fragile?

3.  Why is “What did Odin say to Baldr on the pyre?” a trick question?

Don’t those seem like things a white supremacist should have given some thought to at some point?

I’m not in the habit of deleting posts and I actually think it’s useful for folks to see what these guys believe, but this is a little ridiculous and there’s got to be some way to filter these guys out.  What do y’all think?

American Gods

So, I finished American Gods and I loved it but… damn, isn’t there someone to whom we can send writers so that they can learn how to climax and finish their stories.

Take for example, one of my favorite books, It.  Great book up until the giant spider.

American Gods.  “Um, excuse me, folks, could you all not fight?”  “Oh, sure.”  “Great then.”  I mean, that’s it?  That’s the big climax?  “Please don’t fight.”  “Oh, okay.”

Otherwise, I really enjoyed it.

Attention Gun Nuts, Your Help is Needed

I should just warn you ahead of time that this is a disturbing post and, in it, we will be discussing someone’s possible murder. 

You know, it’s times like these when I’m glad to have gun nuts who read me.  I only wish Say Uncle wasn’t on vacation.

So, here’s the deal.  Some footage, supposedly from Minutemen down guarding our southern border has appeared on YouTube.  I saw two of the clips over to David Neiwert’s.  Both clips appear to have been taken by the same person.  The first one shows, or purports to show, him taunting some Mexicans as they cross the border, talking about how he wishes he could kill them, and then him firing his gun.  The second one, which I watched yesterday before YouTube took it down, shows him, or purports to show him, shooting and possibly killing someone he claims to be an illegal immigrant.

I, not being a gun nut, can see lots of ways that these could be fake.  There’s no way to know if these were actually filmed at the border.  There’s no way of knowing if anyone was actually hit.  And the “grave” at the end of the snuff film is clearly added for cinematic value.

Here’s my question for you, gun nuts. Is this legitimate footage?  I don’t mean for you to answer whether I really watched a man get killed.  I mean, from a gun nut standpoint, what am I seeing here?  Is the camera hooked to the gun scope?  If so, can that be done?  Is that really what footage would look like or would we get a whole screen and not just a round window?  Do you see what I’m saying?

To me, who knows little about guns, this looks to me like what I’d expect to see if I looked through one of those fancy scope-thingies, but I don’t know that that’s what a camera would see.

That’s where I could use your help.  Is this real or is this fake?  Not that we can say definitively, but I thought we’d have a cross-range of people who could lend some interesting opinions.

Now, I hope it goes without saying that, real or fake, making films like this is–that claim to be real–and posting them on the internet is a terrible thing.  If someone died, what you’re watching here is plain evil.  If Minutemen-like groups are making these videos for their own amusement, it really is going to just be a matter of time before someone thinks that this is what folks in the Minutemen are supposed to do and someone gets killed.

Los Happy Belly’s

Last night, the Butcher and I tore through the house, upending cushions to find enough money for him to buy us milk and cereal.  We are flat broke until Monday.  So broke that we were sitting around complaining about how broke we are until we remembered that we used to always be this broke and that it’s been years since we’ve run out of money before we ran out of food.

But if I did have money?

I would totally eat at a place called “Los Happy Belly’s.”

That name makes me happy just looking at it.