A Troll for the Trolls

I’ve been thinking about our latest batch of problem children commenters and I was thinking about how there’s that car commercial where the troll gets to ask three questions and, if the folks can’t answer them, I guess he gets to eat them or something.

I’m considering implementing a rule that, if you are a self-avowed white supremacist, you must be able to answer the following three questions to keep me from deleting you outright:

1.  What is “white”?

2.  How can a culture be both robust and fragile?

3.  Why is “What did Odin say to Baldr on the pyre?” a trick question?

Don’t those seem like things a white supremacist should have given some thought to at some point?

I’m not in the habit of deleting posts and I actually think it’s useful for folks to see what these guys believe, but this is a little ridiculous and there’s got to be some way to filter these guys out.  What do y’all think?

16 thoughts on “A Troll for the Trolls

  1. While I’m no white supremacist…allow me to try and answer those questions for them.

    1. What is “white”?

    The color of my ass. Its really quite pasty.

    2. How can a culture be both robust and fragile?

    Think of the US Soldiers. They are tough enough to brave just about any hardship, including watching their fellow soldiers get blown to bits by the enemy…but one mention by Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi about withdrawing troops, and they are so demoralized they can’t go on living. White people are like that.

    3. Why is “What did Odin say to Baldr on the pyre?” a trick question?

    Huh? Is that a book question? We don’t read books.

  2. Being technically white, and not, (thankfully) lacking pigmentation, I still feel compelled to address question #3,

    I may have to blow the dust off my rather dog-eared copy of the Codex Regius , since I haven’t suscribed to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles since they accepted advertizing.. But I digress. Anyway, the first part is relatively easy, since my long experience with Norse genealogy has taught me that only the Anthony Faulkes translation is anywhere near accurate. That said, whether you believe Baldr was indeed a son of Odin, (and many were called that), or whether you believe he was merely a friend of Thors, his actual statement at the pyre is pretty easy to reconstruct. Translated, he said:

    “here, hold this mistletoe for me.”

  3. Wait! Are you so hungry that you’re resorted to eating people now, Aunt B?

    Seriously. Do you need me to FedEx you a lasagna? I’m making chicken Gorgonzola tonight. Knoxville’s just a 3 hour drive…

  4. I’m like Sean. My ass is a pasty pearl color that shines bright into the night. You can see it on Google Earth.

    Editor, Chicken Gorgonzola…I’d kiss you again for that.

  5. [He starts to stink who outstays his welcome in a hall that is not his own.–The Wise Sayings of Har]

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