American Gods

So, I finished American Gods and I loved it but… damn, isn’t there someone to whom we can send writers so that they can learn how to climax and finish their stories.

Take for example, one of my favorite books, It.  Great book up until the giant spider.

American Gods.  “Um, excuse me, folks, could you all not fight?”  “Oh, sure.”  “Great then.”  I mean, that’s it?  That’s the big climax?  “Please don’t fight.”  “Oh, okay.”

Otherwise, I really enjoyed it.

6 thoughts on “American Gods

  1. Ha!

    You’ve hit upon the worst problem with King, Crichton,Rollins, Preston & Child and other concept/adventure writers.

    They have these intriguing ideas and premises and theories and whatnot.

    They can write for the intrigue and the premise but they cannot conclude to save their lives.

  2. Yeah, and I’m of the opinion that sometimes it doesn’t matter, but sometimes it really does. This was one of those times.

    Also, I thought he came close to getting Loki and Wednesday right, but not quite.

    It’s going to sound funny, being it was a long book, but I almost thought the scope was too wide for as short as the book was.

  3. Was there a giant spider in the book? I never really got that until I saw the TV miniseries. The book ending definitely fell apart though. I never did get all that turtle stuff and the joke telling contest….

  4. Greg Bear. excellent sci-fi writer, wonderful ideas, good characters and fascinating stories… but can’t wrap a book up for love nor money. Eon won him i forget how many prizes, and it’s worth them, but if there were a booby prize for “worst let-down in a novel ending this year” he would’ve won himself that one too, handily.

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