Los Happy Belly’s

Last night, the Butcher and I tore through the house, upending cushions to find enough money for him to buy us milk and cereal.  We are flat broke until Monday.  So broke that we were sitting around complaining about how broke we are until we remembered that we used to always be this broke and that it’s been years since we’ve run out of money before we ran out of food.

But if I did have money?

I would totally eat at a place called “Los Happy Belly’s.”

That name makes me happy just looking at it.

8 thoughts on “Los Happy Belly’s

  1. I have way too much experience being flat broke. Our go-to “couch cushion change” purchase was a big box of store-brand oatmeal. It requires little fuel to fix, it stretches, it’s filling, and it’s dirt cheap. You can also powder up the oats to make flour for other things if you’re really hard up. If there was money after buying oats, we’d buy dry beans, flour, oil, and eggs (in order of “must have this” — eggs being the “luxury” on that list). In summer, we found the nearest farmers market, went late in the day, and bought up cheap bruised stuff and whatever the vendors didn’t want to lug home. Potato and cabbage go a long way and keep you filled up. I also have exchanged loading work for food, which was a total act of charity on the part of the farmer in question. But you know…farmers…if any people understand how easy it is to go under even when you’re working your ass off every day, it’s farmers.

    Good luck.

  2. It’s all right. It’s actually kind of nice to remember that it used to regularly be like this and we managed and now it’s not. Plus, it’s just until Monday, which is much better than it being clear ’til the end of the month.

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