Random Things that Make Me Laugh

1.  Atlanta’s talking about banning baggy pants.  Because nothing says “Manly Heterosexual Police Officer” like staring at men’s asses all day trying to decide if their drawers are sticking out too much.

2.  Speaking of drawers, yesterday, I was wearing the underwear that tickles my butt and I meant to remember that at the end of the day so that I could throw them away, but instead, they are in the laundry again waiting to make me spend another day going “oohhoo hoo hoo.”

3.  I have a crush on Rob Riggle.

4.  Speaking of which, that was a wise thing someone said at Bar Camp–To say that young folks get their news from the Daily Show is just not true, because one must know what’s going on in the news in order to find The Daily Show funny.

5.  I’m reading this awesome book on witches.  I hope that Bridgett has read it so that we can discuss it, but basically the chick argues that women accused of witchcraft share certain traits–they have in some way disrupted male to male inheritance; they’re pains in the asses; they’re old; they usurp male authority in some way, and some other stuff I haven’t gotten to yet.

13 thoughts on “Random Things that Make Me Laugh

  1. I get 2. This weird thing happens in my head where I don’t throw them away immediately upon taking them off because it seems odd to have dirty underwear so exposed and not in the usual place of the laundry bin. But then once they’ve been washed such that they could be thrown away safely I feel obligated to wear them one more time, since they are there and clean and ready to go. I can’t seem to break the cycle and just committ to the lesser of two bad choices. Eventually, they wear out enough that they must be trashed and so they get thrown away after being recently washed.

  2. Surely there is a recycling bin somewhere that makes used underwear available to those with that particular fetish, no?

    Why toss them if they only “tickle”? Scratchy, sure, but tickly seems like a pleasant bonus…

  3. What exactly does your underwear do that tickles?

    I have a few pairs that have tiny little tags that ever so slightly flutter right on my tail bone making me think there is a bug crawling down my butt. Gives me the willies.

  4. Yeah, see that’s just it… this is not caused by, shall we say, “vaporous expulsions.” It’s just sort of…

    A hell! Yeah yeah yeah, I’m all hot air…


  5. Will you cook? Come and visit, dear N.M., use the high speed internet in air conditioned comfort. Raid the fridge. Nap. Just cook me up something before ya go, cool?

  6. There’s AC here in the office I’m at. In the del Sol if you need a ride. In the undisclosed secret location too!

    (would someone please feed Mack!!??)

  7. Sorry, Mack, no can do. You’re too far away. My husband has the car down in Mississippi. I guess I’ll just have to go home.

  8. Mack’s an awesome cook. And he’s got about eight folks willing to bring him tamales whenever he wants. Don’t even listen to him.

    I don’t know exactly what it is about how this underwear is set up, but it comes up just at this point on my butt where it then settles lightly and just tickles me all day.

  9. Oh, Editor, I would — but I think you’re even farther away than Mack. My office is hot. My home is not. I think we can all see where his is heading….

  10. Sounds like you’ve gotten holt of Carol Karlsen’s work, *Devil in the Shape of a Woman*. Yes, I’ve read it and sometimes I even assign it. Students really love witches, so one has to keep up with this perennial topic. You might also like Elizabeth Reis’s *Damned Women* (which offers a more theologically driven reading of witch hysterias) or Mary Beth Norton’s *In the Devil’s Snare* (which speculates upon and sometimes demonstrates the connections between frontier warfare, PTSD among the survivors, and the Salem crisis).

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