Also, I Have Had to Fire the Dog

After the Butcher sassed me about my pizza-making skills, I ordered Mrs. Wigglebottom to eat him.  You’d think that this wouldn’t be a problem, seeing as how she is such a vicious killer programmed by nature to destroy babies, children, and the good-hearted, but the dog utterly refused to eat the Butcher on my command.

So, I had to fire her.  As you can imagine, she was very excited to be fired, even when I spanked her bottom for both being fired and refusing to eat the Butcher

Now, the Butcher is sassing me some more and she’s just sitting there staring at him and wagging her tail.

I swear, it’s so hard to find good help these days.

2 thoughts on “Also, I Have Had to Fire the Dog

  1. I find this inordinately funny for some reason. It could have something to do wth the fact that I am on my second Bloody Mary, which I have improvised (as I am canning tomatoes) by making it with freshly-squeezed tomato juice.

    What? I always drink when canning, it’s my very own tradition. It makes me feel…Italian.

    Now I must go fire the kittens. They are pissing me off by sleeping all curled up together, being adorable, in the laundry basket. Fuckers.

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