“Aunt B.! Aunt B.! Put on Some Music and Dance With Me!”

Nieces and nephews, today we’re shutting our office doors and dancing around to Doug Kershaw’s “Diggy Diggy Low.” Here’s what I recommend. Hit play, stand up, bend your knees, start your hips rolling north, east, south, west, with a little hiccup in each direction. Reach your hands up over your head, spread your fingers like they might go ahead and wiggle on you and go ahead and give those wrists just a little twist to get them started and let them roll around on the ends of your arms like leaves on a windy tree. If it suits you, give them a little flick every once in a while. Now, lift your heel and, as it comes down, turn on that foot. Lift your other heel, pivot on those toes. Turn, wiggle, flick. Giggle.

There, doesn’t that feel like an afternoon worth having?

5 thoughts on ““Aunt B.! Aunt B.! Put on Some Music and Dance With Me!”

  1. You should have seen my Aunt Mary bust a move to that song. One of my favorite childhood memories involves about twenty kids on the front porch of my granny’s cabin dancing with Aunt Mary to Doug Kershaw (music courtesy of my uncle Argyle, who was washing his car and had the radio turned up). A very good afternoon, yeah.

  2. Doug Kershaw had a former life? Who knew? I bet he was in the Witness Protection Program or something.

  3. nm – hahahaha! Silly wabbit. My former life when I worked for a state finance organization. He contacted me about unpaid royalties through the states’ unclaimed property programs.

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