Criminalizing Miscarriages

Via Rachel over at Women’s Health News comes the story of a dead fetus and the police department that loves it.  This is what it’s come to, ladies.  If the police find evidence of your personal tragedies, they will hunt you down and demand you justify to them your behavior during said tragedy.

I mean, please, what crime do they think has been committed here?  That’s clearly bullshit.  They found something they consider weird and they feel they have the right to find the woman who produced it and demand she give an accounting of herself.

I just cannot wait for the anti-abortionists to turn this into Communist Romania where we all have to take pregnancy tests each month, abortions are illegal, and each miscarriage is investigated as a possible murder.  That will be good fun.

10 thoughts on “Criminalizing Miscarriages

  1. “they feel they have the right to find the woman who produced it and demand she give an accounting of herself.” – Apparently they feel they have the right to follow up on random leads and ask those women to account for themselves, too, what with calling hospitals and asking anyone with “information” to call the police.

  2. “they feel they have the right to find the woman who produced it and demand she give an accounting of herself”

    i’d like to say what i feel about these assholes, but it would likely be far too impolite. they’re just bloody damn lucky that, no matter what i may “feel”, i do not have the right to do it to them.

  3. How is it that the real tragedy is so often overlooked? No matter how that fetus came to be where it was found, somewhere there is profound sadness, and I’d say loneliness being experienced by the mother. What kind of dickless thug feels he has the right to get involved?

    The flip side of this is that some over-zealous moron is going to be facing a lawsuit for violating someone’s privacy, and rightly so. If some investigator came calling to ask my wife why she isn’t pregnant anymore, I sue him back to the Stone Age, after I kicked his insensitive ass…

  4. You know, too, the thing that amazes me is that we’re now at the point where the police are literally digging around in our sewage in order to make sure that we’re behaving ourselves.

  5. This is bizarre. Back in the late forties, my own mother “miscarried” not once, but twice, 13/17 weeks in, ON THE TOILET BOTH TIMES, and fished out the mess to take to her doctor (in mason jars) several days later…not because of fear of prosecution, but because my parents needed to figure out why my Mom couldn’t hold a pregnancy.

    I want to go on, and probably will later…

  6. My great grandmother married at 14, was pregnant 20 times, bore 12 and raised 8 to adulthood. And these are not outlier figures. Pre-turn of the century bayou Louisiana was hard on women, and matters improved, according to my Mom, only with the development of pharmaceuticals…

    My Mom’s mother died in childbirth of pneumonia. I never met my maternal Grandmother.

    My Mom, as noted, lost two pregnancies before new drug therapies assisted in carrying to term. Mom blessed me with four older siblings.

    My two big sisters lost a total of three, two late first and one early second trimester.

    And two stillbirths here (post 20 weeks). Three healthy and reproducing.

    I wonder, I really wonder… if pro-life advocates really understood reality…whether they would not step off? Do they really want to take on every woman who has undergone… or will ever undergo… a known miscarriage?

    Are pro-lifers really willing to go here? If so, my guess is that even the properly subjugated Louisiana Bayou women will get militant, and start demanding better access to contraception.

  7. Are the police planning to investigate any woman who miscarries then? For sitting on the toilet weeping and bleeding?

    This kind of knee-jerk reaction from the police has got to be caused by sheer ignorance of reproductive facts – like how often early pregnancy does actually end in miscarriage.

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