Reason Number 542 I Cannot Take PETA Seriously

They don’t like Bonsai Kitten.  And so, even though they acknowledge that “no kittens were actually harmed,” they want you to sign a petition to get the site taken down.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has so little to do with its time, apparently, that they’ve now taken up for imaginary animals.

In that spirit, folks, I ask you to boycott anything called “St. George’s,” since glorifying that terrible, cruel dragon killer only serves to promote the idea that killing dragons is appropriate behavior for men.

5 thoughts on “Reason Number 542 I Cannot Take PETA Seriously

  1. Yeah. All those make-believe kittens who weren’t harmed must be saved.

    But all the real, live women who are exploited during PETA’s ad campaigns are just “marketing business as usual.”

    I think PETA may need to get its priorities realigned.

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  3. I go to PETA’s website almost every day and the public perception of PETA is so different from what they appear to be concerned about in their campaigns and writings and so forth. Go to There is a video there that will better explain what they are working against.

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