I’m Mad at the Dog, Too, Even Though It’s Not Her Fault

The dog has a collar that looks like this:


If you open it from one end, it closes again very easily.  If you open it from the other end, it is a bitch to get closed.

The Redheaded Kid is notorious for opening and closing the wrong end of the collar.

Fine, you’d have to be a really ungrateful bitch to complain about how your friends take your dog out, especially friends who have shown such a willingness to dogsit in the past.

But folks, check this out:


I know it’s blurry, but you have to appreciate that it’s hard for me to focus when my fingernail has just been half torn off way down in the pink.

The whole thing needs to come off, there’s no two ways about it, because it’s just going to continue to get snagged on things and hurt even worse, but, though you can’t see it, the crack is like a sideways Y with the prongs being to our right.  If I pull it off, I don’t know how I can guarantee that the nail will continue to break along the top prong, which would be very unpleasant, but at least appear to be going to the other side of the nail, or if it would take the bottom prong, which is headed deeper in.

Most of all, I wish I had cut my nails yesterday when I was thinking about it. 

5 thoughts on “I’m Mad at the Dog, Too, Even Though It’s Not Her Fault

  1. Cut it very short, but not own to the quick. Then put clear nailpolish over the break, very thick. Wait for the break to grow out to a less painful place, and then even it off.

  2. On the same principle as nm’s nail polish tip, I suggest instead super glue. We use that on all kinds of paper and knife cuts, and other small, deepish wounds. This tip comes courtesy of my father-in-law, who was a surgeon.

    Also, ouch.

  3. Ow ow ow ow ow.

    Both of those are good suggestions. Super glue is better if you can handle it one-handed or get the Butcher to do it for you, but a real problem if you can’t get it to do what you want it to do and you wind up stuck to yourself or something else. Nail polish is better if you, like me, have a tendency to be clumsy when things hurt.

    I tend to put bandaids over broken nails after treating them. That way, you still have *something* between your finger and the rest of the world. It keeps all those icky extra sensations out of the way. (I think that’s just pat of my skin issues, though).

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