Internet Craft Project

So, I have this idea.  I want a woo-woo creepy artsy thing to put in my room with my other woo-woo creepy artsy stuff.  I want to take a picture of me looking sufficiently creepy and some moon and stars and sun and I don’t really know what all else and decoupage it onto a board and sand everything down a little so that it looks sufficiently worn and stain it all a kind of antique brown.

And then, of course, hang it in my room.


4 thoughts on “Internet Craft Project

  1. An easy and fairly cheap way to go for staining wood is Minwax gel stain — sounds like you’d need either the honey maple or maybe a little bit darker; honey maple might be a little too reddish. It’s a wipe-on, wipe-off deal that applies with a rag and stains in about 10-15 minutes. It’s also sold in small amounts, making it good for these kind of projects.

    Personally, I’d age the collage materials before I arranged and decoupaged, using a sponge-on a tea bath (guess a lot depends on what kind of paper you’re printing your photo material onto). That will shorten the overall life of the piece, I’d guess — tannins being an acid and all — but it would accomplish the aged look you’re going for in about 15 minutes.

    Here’s an illustration of how the tea-staining would work and what it would do to ordinary white paper:,2025,DIY_13772_4797017,00.html

  2. I totally have some advice on this because I also want to make a creepy decoupage thing of myself. It occurred to me about a week ago when I found myself at coolest decoupagey site ever, and immediately ordered more eccentric crowns and mermaid stamps than I can even use in a single breathtaking work of art of myself. And a wand, I got a sheet of wands that will look cool in my photograph hand. I’ll have to start doing them of everyone I know, even the dog, just to get my money’s worth. But here’s the cool site:

    And do post your end result, please!

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