The Greenman

I believe I am as packed as I can be until I throw the stuff I use in the morning in the suitcase in the morning.  I cut off my broken fingernail so that it won’t snag on things.  I washed the dog and did a load of dishes.

And I got my Christmas ’05 present.  A lovely lime iPod I named the Greenman.


3 thoughts on “The Greenman

  1. Good for you and good for the Butcher. I have a number of wedding presents that I have been told are still “in process.” We’ve been married 11 years now.

  2. Yeah, I still have a birthday present (hand-knitted shawl) coming from 25 years ago. I told her she’d never finish it.

    B, have a great trip.

  3. I’ve got my laptop, so I’ll be able to blog from Montreal. Hell, I’m blogging from the airport right now. If I had one device that was an ipod, a cell phone, a camera, and I could blog from it, I’d be a happy girl and not just because I owned such an item, but because I could afford to own such an item.

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