Could This Day Be Any Weirder?

Well, so the reason my luggage hasn’t arrived is that my key worked, just once, but once is enough to let me in, in room 1920.  I am staying in 1921.  So, there I was, over in 1920, going to the bathroom, trying to order room service, just basically waiting around for the panic to subside and I was in the wrong room.

What the fuck?

So, I’m in 1921 now, but I can’t get room service or the bell folks to pick up so I’m without dinner and without luggage, but really, what the fuck?

How strange is that?

So, no one one the quiz, the answer to which was “Because I couldn’t figure out how to dial my phone, like a damn fool.”

Don’t they have socialized medicine in Canada?  Maybe I can have a doctor come check me for “utter foolishness.”

4 thoughts on “Could This Day Be Any Weirder?

  1. B,

    At least you are using your discomfort to humor others, a generous thing to do.

    Don’t ever freak out about being “utterly foolish.” Would you prefer being competent and uninteresting?

  2. Perhaps I ought not to bring it up, but my concern would be that if the key to 1921 lets you into 1920, who has a key for a room other than 1921 that will let them into your room?

  3. Yes, but here’s what’s weird. Even though I clearly got into 1920, as I blogged from there, security could not get my keys to work in there again.

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