Who Here Speaks Spanish?

As we say here in Montreal, “Hola, muchachos!”

No, actually, what they say here in Montreal is “Non, madam, vous may not pay with an American credit card,” but that’s another story for another time.  A short story that amounts to “why I haven’t had any chocolate croissants yet.”

But anyway, today I learned an exciting poem.  It goes like this:

El minche de esa rumí
dicen no tenela bales;
los he dicaíto yo,
los tenela muy juncales; 

I don’t know what it means, not speaking Spanish, but I have been assured that, if someone in Andalusia recites that poem in my presence, I will have no trouble getting dark eyed men to smooch me.  I assume it’s some kind of a love charm.  As I do in all matters Spanish, I will rely on Mack’s aid.  Hopefully, he’ll agree to recite it in front of handsome men in order to unleash its power.

9 thoughts on “Who Here Speaks Spanish?

  1. This Christian woman’s cunt
    They say it has no hair
    I’ve seen it*
    I consider it* lovely**

    *Literally: them (the hairs)
    **willowy, wavy

  2. You know, nm, I write these posts just to amuse you, Peg, and Mack, right?

    I was kind of figuring that, yeah.

    I’m also expecting Mack to show up any minute to explain why my translation is wrong. You know, my Andalusí isn’t that good, but I just pretend all those verbs are medieval forms, take a deep breath, and guess.

  3. Well, apparently, the little ditty is an example of Andalusian slang from a Borges essay. The translation I was working off of goes

    The cunt on that woman
    They say has no hair
    I have seen them.
    It has very splendid ones.

    So, I’m glad that someone I trust verifies that that is indeed what it says.

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