Yes, I Switched

Dear Squirrel Queen,

I switched themes and am now running off all day leaving all problems unfixed, including the fact that I’m momentarily missing a Tiny Cat.

And, if you’d still do a banner for me, it needs to be 904 x 160 pixels and apparently say “Tiny Cat Pants” on it somewhere.

I suck the suck of a thousand suckers, I know.

Your friend in Animals Found in Trees,

Aunt B.

p.s.  How long had we been without the blog roll?  And no one noticed?  Well, it’s back, apparently.  I like it, even if I didn’t miss it.

A Man on a Mission

Y’all, there’s no junk food in my house.  In my fridge is an almost empty gallon of green tea and an almost empty gallon of cran-raspberry juice, along with a lot of beer and wine.

I’m not going to say one thing or another about it to him; he’d really like to be driving the van again for work and this is what it takes.

But America, he’s a pill.  Oh lord is he miserable and grouchy.  I can’t imagine what he was like a week ago.  Thank goodness I was in Montreal.

If you’re praying for my family, for any reason, pray for our Dear Butcher.

Or, good Lord, pray that the government finally takes Peter Tosh’s advice.