A Man on a Mission

Y’all, there’s no junk food in my house.  In my fridge is an almost empty gallon of green tea and an almost empty gallon of cran-raspberry juice, along with a lot of beer and wine.

I’m not going to say one thing or another about it to him; he’d really like to be driving the van again for work and this is what it takes.

But America, he’s a pill.  Oh lord is he miserable and grouchy.  I can’t imagine what he was like a week ago.  Thank goodness I was in Montreal.

If you’re praying for my family, for any reason, pray for our Dear Butcher.

Or, good Lord, pray that the government finally takes Peter Tosh’s advice.

2 thoughts on “A Man on a Mission

  1. He has kept his head shaved most of the summer just because it’s been so hot here and he’s walking back and forth to work. But, yeah, the added benefit is that he’s got no hair to test, I’m sure.

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