Yes, I Switched

Dear Squirrel Queen,

I switched themes and am now running off all day leaving all problems unfixed, including the fact that I’m momentarily missing a Tiny Cat.

And, if you’d still do a banner for me, it needs to be 904 x 160 pixels and apparently say “Tiny Cat Pants” on it somewhere.

I suck the suck of a thousand suckers, I know.

Your friend in Animals Found in Trees,

Aunt B.

p.s.  How long had we been without the blog roll?  And no one noticed?  Well, it’s back, apparently.  I like it, even if I didn’t miss it.

9 thoughts on “Yes, I Switched

  1. Your blog-roll lost all credibility with me when you listed Volunteer Voters in with your “All The Big Guys.” Who the hell did you have to bump for that, Glen Dean?

    Like the new look, though.

  2. I noticed that the blogroll was gone, but I figured it was your call to make and maybe you’d just gotten too many people on it to make it useful to yourself.

  3. I was actually looking last night at all the colorful cats you sent me trying to come up with a way to use them. Now I’ll just stuff them all in an area 904 x 160 pixels. I’ll work on that tonight. I actually have a few minutes to do what I wish this evening. Woo hoo.
    P.S. I like the cool, calming colors too.

  4. My blog roll is a disaster. Disaster. I’m kind of distraught about it. I guess I can see why people get rid of them.

    I would not turn down multiple headers, as long as people weren’t insulted if I forget to switch them in a timely manner.

    I wonder if I should just chuck the whole blog roll and start over. I’m really tempted.

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