Why is there not a song about craisins I can sing when eating them at lunch?  I want to be bopping along, eating my craisins, and singing my craisin song.

Maybe something like

Craisins, craisins, give me a handful, do

I’m half crazy all for the love of you

You’re not too fancy a dried fruit

But to me you’ll more than suit

And you taste fine upon the tines

Of a fork made for two.

Ha, speaking of which, the Professor noted last night that everything at that pizza place over on 12th that is larger than a serving comes in a serving large enough for three people.  It’s as if they’re encouraging polyamory.  I think we should start that rumor and see if we can get church folks to boycott it.

2 thoughts on “Craisins

  1. I love craisins.

    Didn’t you and some other people in college or grad school put together a photocopied collection of creative things and didn’t somebody (but not you) say something in it about the glory of craisins?

    You wrote something on the glory of showerheads…

    I like your craisins song.

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