3 thoughts on “Real Men Wear Pink

  1. Did you read the comments? Who’s got tons of disposable income and love to give to causes? The gays. These kids are gonna get hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Good for them.

  2. So that they can be encouraged to buy designer shit? Not sure that’s the message that should be sent but the kids seem to have their heads on right so they may put the money to good use.


  3. My work held a wear pink day today. We donated the money to the local DARE program, I am quite sure. Pretty sure Travis and DJ never thought this was going to get this big! I know DJ through his sister, hes a good kid. I think the best thing to do with your money/donations/ whatever is to put it towards youth programs in your community.
    Even though what these guys did is a great thing, you could really help out your local youth by making a donation to the local youth centre/group, dare program, etc. And make it thanks to what these guys did, for those who have been bullied all across North America and beyond…

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