9 thoughts on “The Bra of Death

  1. I once had a bra that had plastic underwire and I was standing in front of a big window and I heard this loud “pop” and felt this pain and I was convinced for a second, that I had been shot.

    It was only when it didn’t start to hurt worse that I went and investigated and discovered that the plastic had merely snapped.

    I love this bra, though, so I’m a little upset. I think I can fix it.

  2. the perfect clothing item for female hardware geeks — if it breaks, it can be fixed with a soldering iron. (worst case, a blowtorch.)

  3. That happened to me once in 9th grade history class. I just heard this loud pop and felt a horriblle pain like I’d been stabbed. Which is pretty much what happened.
    I always thought that stuff like that only happened on Fifteen or Degrassi.

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