This May Change My Life

Yesterday, the Butcher was listening to the Dixie Chicks.

I said, “What are you listening to?”

“The Dixie Chicks.”

“The Dixie Chicks are on Madden?”

“No, on my iPod.  See, I just plug this here, flip that there, and…”

“You can run your iPod through the speakers?!”

“Well, duh, B.”

So, today, I have run my iPod–The Greenman–through my computer’s speakers.

In honor of that, I give you a random 10 from the Greenman.

1.  “Red Clay Halo” by Gillian Welch

2.  “Glory, Glory Hallllelujia” by Otha Turner

3.  “Three Days” by Willie Nelson

4.  “Dracula” by Gorillaz

5.  “Barbara Allen” by Emily Rossum

6.  “Rise up with Fists!” by Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

7.  “This Room for Rent” by Sammi Smith

8.  “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” by Don Williams

9.  “Married Man Blues” by Jessie Mae Hemphill

10.  “Jesus Built My Hotrod” by Ministry

5 thoughts on “This May Change My Life

  1. Jenny Lewis is kickass. Every once in a while, Rabbit Fur Coat starts playing in my head; since this happens without discernible promptings from the outside world, I can only assume it is somehow in my subconscious’ Top Ten.

  2. I love that song, but I feel like an idiot about one part. When the narrator and her mom are living on welfare and someone says to them “You treat your girl as your spouse/ you can live in a mansion house.” What does that mean?

  3. holy crap – “this room for rent” and “jesus built my hotrod” on the same ipod?

    it’s a damn shame my husband probably wouldn’t let me marry you.

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