A Ring for My Finger, but No Bells for My Toes… yet


My grandma sent me one of her mother’s rings, a ring she wore because she thought it matched her eyes and my grandmother thought it would be fitting for me to have it, because it matches my eyes.

Dear readers, what do you know about jewelry?  I know nothing.  So, I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone (the camera is up north) so that you all can take a look at it.

My grandma thinks that, if it’s real, it’s a sapphire.  I think, if it’s real, it’s a blue topaz.  I don’t think the box is the original box.


11 thoughts on “A Ring for My Finger, but No Bells for My Toes… yet

  1. Looks like a topaz to me. It would be pretty light (and unusually large) for a sapphire, although my engagement ring is a light sapphire about that shade. The square cut is a popular cut for topaz too….

  2. Here’s another question for y’all. I don’t really wear rings and so I’d like to ask my grandma if she’d mind if I had it reset as a necklace. But my dad is convinced that it would be completely unacceptable to do so, that, if I’m not going to wear it, I should just put it away.

    But she gave it to me to wear.

    Anyway, I guess I may ask a jeweler if there’s something we could do with it that would preserve the ring and present it in a way that I would wear.

  3. Wear it as a scarf ring. Get a scarf you like that looks good with the color of the ring (and your eyes) and slide the ends of the scarf through the ring. Very stylish and no resetting required.

  4. Go to a nice local jeweler, not a chain, and get an opinion and an appraisal. Pate Davis, Sain or another established Nashville jeweler can help.

  5. I’d vote for blue topaz, as you don’t normally get aquamarines that dark. I think you can definitely get the stone set into a pendant and wear it as a necklace. It’d be gorgeous.

  6. I cannot believe I am finally delurking to post on this, but I can tell you that’s a blue topaz (probably about 2 2-12 carats) and I’d set it in a pendant. My grandmother gave me a yellow topaz ring (about 1 – 1/2 carats, what is it about these old rings and the immense size of the stones?) since we were born on the same day and she thought I would like to wear it. I talked to her about getting it channel set in a pendant. At first, she wasn’t too keen on the idea, but after I explained that I already have two topaz rings (and don’t wear more than two rings at a time), if I set the stone I would wear it more often.
    The first time she saw it in its new setting, she was sold. Loved it. I haven’t worried over it since. I think she would see it as an honor – and I think your dad would be won over. Then again, I could be completely underestimating this. (grin)
    As a side note, you might want to talk with your local jewelry professors (if there’s any lurking around your neck of the woods). They can use your ring as a demo piece in their class (maybe), and can get you good deals on settings. I’ve had a ring made and that stone re-set by my university’s jewelry professor, and it’s incredible. The price was most excellent, too!
    (returning to lurking)

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