Did You Know Chappy’s is Open For Lunch?

Well, it is.

By the way, if you boys are wondering why we go to the bathroom in groups, it’s so that we can talk about you and so that we can have hot trysts with each other if we have become sure, over the course of dinner, that you guys aren’t going to get it done for us.

Don’t believe me?

Then ask yourself this: Why is this in the bathroom at Chappy’s?


5 thoughts on “Did You Know Chappy’s is Open For Lunch?

  1. Professor, I have been talking almost nonstop about how I have to regularly fight the desire to squeeze you. Today might have been the day when you got squeezed in the bathroom on the fainting couch.

    NM, I wasn’t planning on it, but if the bathrooms keep being so incredibly weird, I might have to.

  2. Well, it’s not my favorite color scheme, but … weird? I see music biz people going in and out of there all the time, and I think a fainting couch in the john to get away from them and catch a breath makes perfect sense.

  3. With whom have you been having these conversations? I guess Q’doba just isn’t so fabulous, especially not the bathroom.

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